Craggz & Parallel ‘Fragments’ interview

I caught up with the mighty Craggz & Parallel on the eve of the Fragments ep and talked about the ep, the best Valve story ever. And the weather.

DB: Are you melting, especially with all your studio gear on?

C&P: Hello we’re good thanks, loving the heat. It has been a little hot in the lab. We’ve been channeling the heat into the beats.

DB: Speaking of heat, I have to say the new batch is on FIRE, it’s blazing!

C&P: Well thank you sir. We really wanted to go back to our roots on this EP and just make a batch of solid tunes for the clubs but try to cover a good spectrum of styles dark & light bringing back some sounds we weren’t hearing much of. We feel it’s a good balance of our old and newer production styles.

We thought we had the full EP at the start of the year but once we had written ‘Metal Plate’ and ‘Fragments’ we were so happy with the new tracks we had to revise the track list. Watch out for the ‘Metal Plate’ video dropping online next week

DB: What’s a tune you’d talk us thru?

C&P: We’ve been getting great support and feedback on all the tracks but let’s do ‘Metal Plate’.

It started as a brittle half time rhythm with a dark industrial backdrop. We wanted to create an original stab to form the main hook of the track so we started with a pure sound wave resampled numerous times to create detuned layers which gives it an off key unnerving vibe. Then we began playing with the rhythm of the pattern, a touch off beat to make it sound like it was slightly falling in out of time.

Finally we started playing with the pitch and came up with the ascending pattern which gave it an urgent siren sound which solidified the vibe and really got us excited. Once we had the hook the direction we went with the rest of the track was completely organic and a lot of fun which is how it should be.

DB: In regard to D&B in general, what tunes are getting you hot under the collar?

C&P: We’re glad to hear a bit of a return to the breaks as things got a little too minimal for a while. Don’t get us wrong we love that sound too but as tends to happen with trends everyone tries to make something in a certain style and things can become a little samey. There is a healthy balance right now with strong music coming from all corners of the scene.

DB: What stuff outside of D&B you into?

C&P: We have a new House/Techno project under the name Accent so we’ve probably been listening to a lot more music in that sphere as well old and new.

DB: On my shelf is a flyer for Dillinja’s Spectrum launch, 2004, November, Mass, Brixton and you guys played. What are some memories you got of the last 10 years or so?

C&P: Going right back it would be signing to Valve Recordings and playing on the Valve Sound System for the first time with long time heroes Dillinja & Lemon D. That was definitely a stand out memory.

We signed an album deal with Valve off the back off ‘Fizzy Piglets’ and a week later we were traveling the UK with the Valve Sound System on the Spectrum album tour. The first gig was at the Coal Exchange in Cardiff! We got the train down from Newcastle very green and remember walking into this huge cavernous venue which was full to capacity and going crazy.

We stepped up to begin our set and when the bass dropped on our first track the vibration coming up through your feet was so intense you couldn’t even focus your vision! It was absolutely terrifying but at the same time one of the most amazing DJing experiences we can remember.

Recording a live set at the legendary Maida Vale studios with our live act for the BBC was another landmark moment. Just being in that space were so many music legends have recorded was an amazing experience.

More recently our debut album as Craggz & Parallel – as opposed to Craggz & Paralel Forces – Turn The Page receiving album of the week in the Independent newspaper. Finally some recognition in a publication our Mums had heard of!

DB: So to sum up?

C&P: The Fragments ep drops next week 22/7/13 cop that.
Watch out for the ‘Metal Plate’ video dropping online next week

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