Cool Hand Flex interview

Cool Hand Flex has recently released the Sub Con ep on Randall‘s Mac 2 label so we caught up for a chat about a range of topics including THAT release he once shared with Lennie De Ice.

DB: How long did the Sub Con ep take to come together?
CHF: In all about four months to put together with help from the likes of Randall and Effekttz.

DB: You mention Effekttz, he worked on ‘The Book’, is the sample from where I think it is?
CHF: It’s from Evil Dead. After we used that, the rest fell together.

DB: ‘Different Style’ really caught me, I must say.
CHF: ‘Different Style’ was a track I began earlier and dug it out of my folder of unfinished songs. I began the journey with the main riff from a synth & built it playing around and jamming with other elements from collected samples over the years. It’s the track I’ve had most fun with I must say. It just fell together with hardly any effort. My fave.

DB: Do you write with one eye on the floor, for what works live?
CHF: I’m always checking to see what works on the dance floor; the music’s evolving all the time.

DB: You’ve released with Randall (image below), do you work together?
CHF: Myself and Randall have collabs. We’ve worked over the years and some are still unreleased. Thanks to him I get a good view on what’s going on the underground.

DB: What sort of names/producers do you like?
CHF: Rene LaVice I think is a good producer also Andy C. I’m liking some of the Metalheadz stuff at the moment too. Bladerunner is another producer I rate because of the ‘old’ feel to his tracks.

DB: What were you into when you started in jungle/D&B, early 90s?
CHF: I first started off into rare groove, hip hop and reggae. I was influenced by my brothers who were part of a sound system called Jah Youth Sound.

I found myself playing in a lot of house parties around the east end, then started playing on pirate radio stations Center force, Fantasy, Rave FM, Kool FM and worked at De Underground record shop and started making tracks for our labels such as IE Records, De Underground. Flex Program, Intouch and so on.

DB: In early days, and after you released under the name Dubwise 2 along with Uncle 22, you were part of the legendary ‘We Are IE’ release, alongside some other names?
CHF: ‘We Are IE’ is one of my old skool personal faves but some people don’t know that I had a track on the b side of that ep called ‘Feel the Rhythm’. A Sides and Uncle 22 had tracks on the ep too.
DB: What should people look out for?
CHF: Look out for the Set It Off ep. I’m also looking to bring back the Flex Program.

Sub Con ep
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