Concord Dawn mix and interview

Concord Dawn has a new ‘Realtime Rollout’ mix (google it, it’s around) and is on the verge of releasing a new ep ‘Race To Zero’, here’s a taste:

… we caught up.

Damian Bennett: What’s new with you? Huge amounts of releases from you guys, where are you now?

Concord Dawn: Well it’s a one-man-band here these days but otherwise not too much has changed. Doing more eps on top of this one and fitting in album number six too. I’m having to travel about a bit more for gigs as I’m covering the whole globe now rather than half of it but that’s about it really, still making dnb, haven’t sold out and made dubstep yet, still ugly, still rolling

DB: ha ha!

CD: Obviously we all change as we got older and what not but my tastes haven’t changed SO much over the years I don’t think.

DB: Re tastes, name some tunes that influenced you in D&B coming up.

CD: Trace, ‘Sonar’, anything Ed Rush and Optical, dons. Anything Bad Company, especially ‘Inside The Machine’. All Klute’s stuff, Photek. Outside D&B… Steely Dan, Wu, Kyuss, Year of the Rabbit, Jakob.

But back to D&B… State of Mind, The Upbeats, Cern, Dose, Trei, Teknik, Agent Alvin, Shapeshifter, Borderline and Tokyo Prose tunes all find their way into my sets. Plus Xilent has a fresh sound, and I play lots of stuff from the Hungarian and Austrian producers, who I guess are local for me now too ha ha. And Smooth and Telekinesis from Slovenia are smashing it at the moment.

DB: You may to some be associated with Pendulum originally due to being from ‘down under’ and I mean that some may have seen you and them as part of some sorta brash, hard-hitting type of D&B leading some new front at one stage.

Is that the case or were you completely your own thing, regardless of where you’re from? I just hear that the parties are crazy there and if you factor in traditional stuff like skating, surfing, punk, rock, metal cultures… hell it’s a pretty red-blooded demand that may not be the same as a scene, say, in certain parts of Europe.

CD: Yeah people are definitely into a heavier sound down this part of the world, but then Marcus Intalex was down here last weekend and smashed it from all reports (I was out of town). So we’re open-minded too I guess. A lot of the leading guys down here like State Of Mind, The Upbeats, Trei, Dose etc I think all have a nice balance between being musical, dancefloor and heavy.

DB: Interesting: Marcus can be ‘heavy’ too. Depends on your perception. Lastly, tell me about your production approach… and do you collaborate?

CD: I have my own studio in Vienna yeah. There’s some pics of it on facebook here. It’s constantly changing but I use a mixture of hardware and software. I mostly work by myself but have done three collabs with Trei, one with Jade and one with Illskillz and Dub FX so far this year.

mix tl

dom and roland – thunder- remix/moving shadow
concord dawn feat. nina mcsweeney – hindsight/uprising
telekinesis – the lost galaxy/bad taste
concord dawn and jade – tear down the sky/uprising
trei and hooves – remedy/???
concord dawn – hush/uprising
the upbeats – diffused/non vogue
concord dawn – samba impossible/uprising
concord dawn and trei – waiting for never/uprising
the thomas oliver band – baby ill play – trei remix/uprising
concord dawn – ion/uprising
concord dawn – 1925/uprising
smooth – calling/viper
prolix and dose – no one else/uprising
state of mind and concord dawn – two perfect moments/subtitles
prolix and dose – serial sinner/uprising

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