Command Strange interview

Damian Bennett: Hello Command Strange, what’s some history behind you and your signature sound? What lead you to D&B?

Command Strange: Hello. So I’m 19 years old and currently living in Kazakhstan.

I have been writing and producing music for about 4 years and got acquainted with D&B at the age of 7. All this is thanks to my elder brother, who was very fond of electronic music at the time.

Since childhood I have loved drum & bass, and then in 14 years began to try to do something myself. At 16 I got my first digital releases, and after couple of years first vinyl records.

DB: I can’t tell you how much I love the order of that. How how do you go about creating music?

CS: Yeah, creating music… for me it’s an intimate thing, every time it’s an interesting approach, always different. It could be anywhere, anytime and in any condition. But mostly it’s long hours in the studio, working hours of ideas and their further development. I love to do it. I get a subtle and strange vibe that makes each track special for me.

DB: That’s a superb description. Who in the music creates the sort of stuff that makes you sit up and get inspired?

CS: Great influences… was old school hip hop, jazz, funk. Also I get inspired from D&B music nowadays, especially something like minimal stuff.

DB: Do you play out much? What sort of places?

CS: Now I don’t play as often as I would have liked, because in my country there is practically no D&B scene around.

But this is just the beginning for me… I’ve played in Russia, and soon I want to visit all corners of the world. I’d especially like to play in the UK.

DB: It’s gonna happen soon I would’ve thought (check the current Fabio show re ‘Time For Miracles’ and the sc below for damage CS tune ‘Bingo’ caused recently at Cable via AI)…

So name some stuff outside of D&B that you love.

CS: Besides D&B I love football. As a child, I also spent all day on the street and played soccer. If it were not D&B, maybe I would have chosen a career as a football player.

DB: What forthcoming releases you got?

CS: Well, I have too much existing and forthcoming music at the moment. Most recently released two new records, they are a Celsius single and first release on Antillectual Beats with ‘Sunrise’ (featuring Iriann Joyce) and ‘When The Morning Comes’, it is a really hot 12″ for this summer I think…

With forthcoming stuff, there’s an Integral single (check the ‘Bingo’, mentioned above), an Integral EP, some singles on Celsius, Fokuz, Zombie, Stage2Records, Antillectual Beats, EP on Nu Directions, new album on Fokuz Recordings coming this autumn, and also music on Good Looking and some digital releases.

DB: Sounds hectic! Thanks for words.

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  • Love the second track, chilled rolling beats. Great interview, D

  • Love the second track, chilled rolling beats. Great interview, D

  • This is so good. Thought I’d come visit with my new computer.
    Love the look of this place these days 🙂

  • MuntonDHJ

    Big artist in the making – always looking forward to his releases!

  • Jesse

    This kid creates amazing and soulful music.