Claude VonStroke interview

DirtyBird 5 year anniversary

In anticipation of the upcoming DirtyBird release we at FMLB got a chance to interview Claude VonStroke, creator of DirtyBird Records. The new release is a three disc spectacular set for release April 19th, which is in celebration of their 5 year anniversary.

We’ll have more for you on that, later on this week – but for now, I’ll give you what the title promised; the interview. Hopefully this’ll wet your appetite for the coming posts on the record itself, but here you are; unedited, words from the man himself:

How did DirtyBird come about?

a stork farted. :o)

What made you choose the tracks you did for the retrospect of the label?

I made the decision to put some of the bigger hits on there but also to put on some of the tracks that were milestones for the label.  For example, The Southern Draw was the first record and the one that got us a distributor. Deep Throat was our first bonifide hit and allowed us to make db into a real entity financially. Then a track like Stoopit really defined our hip-hop/house crossover sound very well.  So each track is picked out for a reason. Maybe a couple big hits are missing but everything is there because it means something to the label’s progress.

What plans do you have for the label in the future? Bigger and better things?

Actually I don’t want to be any bigger. I wouldn’t mind being more profitable so we could pay the people who work here properly but bigger i think would start to compromise quality. Better for sure. I always strive for the top…the best music possible. Sometimes i make mistakes but i am always striving for the best.

Any plans for your own music this coming summer, any big things in the making?

Yes some massive remixes are coming from me, pretty much on a dream level for me personally. The first one is a remix of GLOB by Kenny Larkin for Planet -E, one of my favorite labels.. and then i am remixing my favorite track of all time, The Percolator by Cajmere. The latter is so huge for me I’m actually quite terrified because the original is so iconic and so well done. I just hope Idon’t psyche myself out on that one. Besides that I’m collaborating with Catz n Dogz for their new album “Escape From Zoo” out in Sept on mothership and I am starting amy new alias the Grizzl which is more hip-hop and genre free style tunes with a producer focus.

Got a favourite song at the moment?

Duckface by the Martin Brothers is such a jam. I know it doesn’t make complete sense on every European dance floor. (In fact I’ve dropped it and seen some very perplexed faces out there) but for me that thing is an absolute beast.  A beast I say!!! You can’t even make a better hip-hop/drum n bass style house tune. It’s not possible.

Any up and coming artists you feel are going to be big soon? A hot tip is always makes good reading.

My homegirl J Phlip (pronounced J Flip) is moving out to Berlin this summer on our advice.  It is quite difficult for us to break new talent when the center of the dance music universe in in Berlin and everyone follows Berlin.

We do what we want over here and i think it helps us stand apart but when it comes time to get bookings and stuff like that i find it a bit more difficult to get our newer artists on the road because no one from Europe has heard them play out as much as the kids who live in Europe who can fly very cheaply to any city play for cheap to build their reputations.  So we have to send our crew to live in Europe for short periods of time to bridge the gap. But of course they always come back to SF because it is the greatest.

We haven’t actually lost a single artist yet. This city is that good.

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