Chris.SU interview

Chris.SU spoke on the eve of the massive ‘F.A.T.E.’ ep on Subtitles.

DB: Name a few tracks of yours in terms of tunes which best capture your sound?

CS: ‘Solaris’, ‘First Snow’ on the ‘F.A.T.E.’ ep, my Björk remix, ‘To Heal’ (on Critical)

DB: where you are based?

CS: I live in Budapest, Hungary now but I’m originally from Komárom, a smaller city approximately 100 km from the capital.

DB: I detect certain powerful influences in your music, from Japanese techno, Detroit/UR, WARP to D&B people like Zinc, SPY and stuff on Headz… but that’s just me. Influences?

CS: I feel honored by mentioning the styles, labels and genres above, although my main influences are from the mid-90s techno, hardcore and breakbeat. Bands like The Prodigy, Depeche Mode or Moby, but also producers like Ed Rush & Optical, Kemal and Rob Data a.k.a. Konflict, Klute, Teebee, Cause 4 Concern and Bad Company had a great impression on me at the end of the nineties/early 2000s. My classical music education could be heard too, I played the cello for 12 years as a kid.

DB: There’s a lot of activity surrounding you! What’s your release info?

CS: First and foremost, my next release is the long time due F.A.T.E. EP on Subtitles Music. The official release date is 13th of August, but there’ll be an exclusive sale at the Subtitles Music Surus store for a week from 6th of August. Needless to say I’m very excited about this release as there has been a long time since my last EP. Other than that I have a few collaborations such as with Trei, Mindscape, Jade & Falkon and some solo tunes coming on Bad Taste Recordings, Horizons Music and Spearhead Recs. Recently I’ve been working hard on new music in the studio.

DB: What sort of DJs are you aligned with in terms of: who do you play alongside and who reps your sound? I heard you on Friction’s show for eg.

CS: The connection with Friction goes back longer in time: I’ve had a tune with State of Mind ‘Surreality’ which came out in 2007 on Shogun Audio.

Friction also played several times in Hungary. He’s been awesome supporting my EP, so big shouts to him! Other than that, there are too many names to mention, but I always send stuff to Ant TC1, Ill.Skillz, Black Sun Empire, Klute, Teebee, Ed Rush, Concord Dawn, State of Mind, Bailey, the Hospital Crew, Kasra from Critical and others.

DB: Alongside the energy of the music, there is a real relaxed quality to this sound of yours, it feels like you go in deep with production and get locked down in the vibe as you produce, is that right?

CS: I prefer tunes catching you ‘from behind’ rather than the obvious ‘hit in your face’ style anthems. I guess, to achieve this you need to be in a different state, somewhat more away from the real world. I like to write music what represents my actual feelings and mood. My solution was music for any problems I’ve had since my childhood. For example if my parents were fighting, I just went and put on my headphones and played music to take me away somewhere else.

DB: OK, so when’s best time to produce? Early am or late night? They really differ. I know you have a new arrival so it may be somewhat hectic! Congrats!

CS: Yes, my daughter was born a month ago so life is quite hectic at the moment ha ha.

I actually much prefer working in the early hours. With fresh ears, you can hear much more detail, and I’m much more relaxed. I can be much more focused on what I’m actually working on.

DB: On the new ep is Mira, who is she?

CS: Mira is the singer of a Hungarian electronic band Plastic Heaven. I’ve met her through one of their members, Andor, who used to be a member of Mindscape and Soulproof, before he switched to house and electro from D&B. I’m planning to make more collabs with her, and I have some other exciting prospects with vocalists.

DB: My studio session question: which studio session over time do you wish you’d been at?

CS: Ed Rush & Optical: ‘Gas Mask’. When I first heard it at a friend’s place, I was totally blown away by the sound and the structure of the track.

It was something I really liked in techno, but never heard in any D&B tunes before: it’s constantly going forward and building up and still very sterile yet filthy, and at the same time it had a story to tell you as well. Such a Marvelous tune.

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