Chris Octane interview

I caught up with Chris Octane on the eve of ‘Synthetics/Gaia Dub’ on CORE.

DB: Hello sir. This is a big look.

CO: Hello there, it’s been a while! I’m glad you’re into the release. I wanted to explore my sound a little now I’m working alone and starting CO:RE seemed like a perfect way for me to do it. It’s a place I can do whatever I like without pressure or expectations, other than my own. That gives me freedom to explore different ideas and write for art’s sake which I think is becoming quite important for me in my old age!

DB: Talk us thru the two tracks briefly, where they came from?

CO: Well, the story behind ‘Synthetics’ is that nothing is as it seems. The vocal talks about how reality is a construct. In the track, everything is synthesised, but you don’t know that as a listener. It’s very much a dancefloor track on first impressions.

‘Gaia Dub’ was built in much the same way. ‘Gaia’ being ‘Mother Earth’. Again, a lot of synthesis to create a natural, earthy sound. I wanted this track to be different to anything I’ve done and really show the diversity – or weirdness? – of what I’m doing with CO:RE.

DB: What sort of people/artists would you cite as being in your day to day in terms of who you work with and talk to?

CO: Nobody! I am a recluse as of late. Life of a hermit since the new year began.

I’ve been working really hard on a lot of music but I think I’ll need a break soon – before I start to make music much stranger than ‘Gaia Dub’.

DB: And what sort of artists do you always check?

CO: I actually try to make a point of NOT listening to what other artists are doing. At least, not D&B artists.

DB: What tune is in your head right now?

CO: McDonalds, McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut… How annoying. It wasn’t in my head until I started thinking about what was in my head.

DB: Give me some release details for this year.

CO: CORE001, CORE002, something I’m working on for Dispatch and a few collabs that are in progress. Then on top of all that I’m scoring and designing sound for some synch (game/movie) work I can’t say too much about yet but it’s all keeping me very busy.

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