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I had the pleasure of speaking to a the rap duo from Tours (France), Chill Bump. I caught up with beat producer and turntablist Bankal and Mc Miscellaneous to chat about their latest release ‘The Loop’, their all time favourite rappers and producers, the hip-hop scene in France and their all around love for the genre.

1. Fried – Firstly, How are you guys doing and what are you up to these days. How has 2012 been treating you?

Chill Bump : We’re fine thanks. We’ve been doing a few gigs and chilling recently. 2012 has been very inspiring for us.

2. F – You guys have been releasing a fair amount of music this year. ‘The Loop’ is your 4th project and by far the most ambitious. How long did the recording process take? 

CB – Three of the six songs on this project were made two weeks before we released it. We’ve been working on the other 3 tracks since september. Some songs take more time to create than others. We also created a few unreleased tracks in the process that didn’t fit in with The Loop as a whole. We’ll release them sometime soon.

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3. Looking forward to those. Miscellaneous, one of your first rhymes on ‘The Loop’ mentions Nas, Snoop Dogg and Wu-tang as strong influences. Are there any current new Mc’s across the pond that have checking out recently? 

Yes, I enjoy listening to Kendrick Lamar for his original songs and creative flows. Schoolboy Q is dope too. Action Bronson is sick. Black Milk is nice with the beats and rhymes. I’ve really enjoyed watching Notes to Self’s videos on youtube lately, though I don’t quite know if they’ll be releasing any material. I’ve always been a fan of Edan, and legends like Big Pun (RIP) and Big L (RIP).

4. There’s something quite comical and playful about some of you imagery and aesthetic that I love. Specially on the video for ‘The Eponym’. How did this come about? 

We haven’t made comical tracks yet but we probably will in the future, because we love to joke around. We love to surprise people with our aesthetic and make them say that they didn’t expect us to look like we do. Benoit Dogniez, who made our videos and took our photos, helped us out a great deal. We are getting tired of the stereotypical rapper bullshit. Most rappers are not killers or pimps, but just normal people with rhyming skills and imagination. Get over the myth, please.

5. Defiantly agree on that. Bankal, I can see your beats are very sample heavy – What kind of process to do you go when making them? 

It’s all about how I feel at the time. I pick a vinyl if the cover inspires me and go through it thoroughly. If a sample suits my mood, I’ll use it, cut it up and usually loop it before adding the beat. Once the basic groove has been put together, I let Miscellaneous listen to it. If it inspires him, we’ll structure it together and “pimp it”.

6. What producers or genres do you guys listen to on a regular basis? 

Black Milk, Dj Shadow, Jake One, Dj Premier, J Dilla, Madlib, MF Doom and Stoupe are our rap references. We like lots of other genres such as folk, a little bit of dubstep, dub, rock, afrobeat, abstract hip-hop (and the list goes on).

7. Miscellaneous, as an MC you normally rap in English. Has this always been this way? 

I grew up in the UK and started scribbling lyrics when I was 10 years old. I moved to France at 13 and switched to French. Rap music was very popular in France at the time and I thought I’d fit in just fine, but it took me years to realize that it didn’t suit me. I sounded too English I guess. I decided to switch back to English when I was about 20 years old and haven’t changed since.

8. French hip hop to me has always been very lyrically heavy and street influenced. Classic crews like IAM and and MC Solaar have proven it to be so. How have French hip hop fans been towards your approach to the genre? 

The rap scene has always been active in France. It has evolved a lot. There are still a lot of conscious mcs with deep content, but the younger generations are more interested in swag, punchlines and multi syllabics. French hip-hop-heads enjoy our music but what’s been very surprising to us, is that even some of the people who don’t like rap make up a large portion of our fan-base.

9. We would love to see you guys in London. Any tour dates coming soon? 

We would love to come to London. We’ve just started working with Furax, a french booking agency. We should be touring around France in 2013. Stay tuned though you never know, we might be coming somewhere near you sooner than you think.

10. Awesome. We will be waiting impatiently. And lastly could you guys name me your top 5 albums of this year? 

Alt-J – An Awesome Wave

Kendrick Lamar – Good Kid M.A.A.A.D City

Schoolboy Q – Habits & Contradictions

Domo Genesis & The Alchemist – No Idols

Dr Dre – Detox (Laugh).


Its been a real pleasure guys. Thank you guys for your time and we will keep our eyes peeled for your next releases and videos. Check out more about Chill Bump on their sites : 

Chill Bump Facebook 

Chill Bump Bandcamp

Chill Bump SoundCloud


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