Caine interview

I caught up with IM:Ltd boss Caine in Paris to talk about the Junction 12 ep and more, such as the very broad-ranging Aftermath album.

C: Junction 12 is more or less an IM:Ltd ‘all-stars’ thing on a deep dark moody tip. Except the Quartz boys who are new the label roster, pretty much all the artists involved within the release have a long term run with IM:Ltd.

Like any concept release, the thing was pretty much conceived as a whole. So I like all of them for different reasons.

This is just a showcase of representative tracks people are free to pick up from or make up their mind themselves on which one they prefer.

DB: What was a key moment in D&B for you in the past that made you want to devote a big part of your life to it ?

C: I can’t really figure that out, I embraced it as a whole in the early Jungle days. When it comes to DJing I would say that the Mixmag CD #21 from Bukem defined what would be the standard I had to achieve both in term of technique and story telling.

For production I’d say one of my all time reference at first was Roni Size Reprazent’s New Forms, which had a huge impact on me when it dropped at that time.

DB: How do you consume music?

C: I know it may sound weird but I used to go to such places called ‘Record Shops’ for years. Then it evolved, first by purchasing records online then digital shops.

DB: What’s cooking for 2013 release wise?

C: There’s The Aftermath LP compilation coming out next month…

… and I am currently putting a final touch to the next month’s vinyl releases: the first Hibea solo release including some Phil Tangent remix and more, the remixes from Gerwin and Nuage‘s début 12″ by Zero T (check mix link at end) and Bungle and some deep dubstep from newly signed french Producer Kuantum from Montpellier.

Then a lot more are in the pipeline on the digital only tip and a lot more projects are getting completed as we speak…but I’ll save those for later.

Thanks to you all for the love and support IM:LTD on soundcloud

triple vision
Zero T mix

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