Burial – Archangel

Yes, im behind the times, and yes, this has been blogged about a million times, but who cares when the track is just that GOOD. Spooky, haunting and dark, yet makes me smile..how does that work?

From the interview with Burial on Wire:

Wire: …When I listen to the record, I can’t work out whether the vocals belong to males or females. And angels aren’t supposed to have no gender.

Burial: Really? Well that works nice with my tunes, kind of half boy half girl, but that can be dark too. Sometimes in a mirror people see the devil’s face for a second, that wrong aspect, the eyes, in your own. When you are young you are pushed around by forces that are nothing to do with you. You’re lost, most of the time you don’t understand what’s going on with yourself, with anything.

Wire: I’ve read you say that you think it’s Ok for women to like your music, that people shouldn’t be frightened of making tunes that women will like.

Burial: But girls love the dark tunes too. I understand that moody thing, but some dance music is too male. It’s dry, Some jungle tunes had a balance, the glow, the moodiness that comes from the presence of both girls and boys in the same tune, there’s tension because it’s close, but sometimes perfect together. Men sometimes exist in this place where they don’t have a fucking clue what girls go through and vice versa. I was brought up most by my mum, I’m my mum’s son. I look like her. I am her. I own female dogs. I don’t know what I’m trying to say, but with my new album – blokes might be, like, ‘what the fuck is this?’ But hopefully their girlfriends will like it.

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