Buraka Som Sistema interview

Buraka Som Sistema ‘Tira o Pé’ (Enchufada) is out now.

DB: I am new to this sound, where is its epicenter? Where’s the place I can hear it best, and can you fly me there immediately?

B: Musically we are a product of Lisbon.

There’s a large number of African emigrants from the ex-Portuguese colonies and that fact makes Lisbon a very unique place in Europe. Our sound is a mixture of what came from Angola with bunch of different stuff from all aver the wold. We can’t forget that geographically Lisbon is right in the middle of this triangle between Africa, South America and North of Europe.

DB: Tell me how you all came together.

B: Back in 2006, we linked with the common goal to play music and entertain people. We got together at a small club in the center of Lisbon to set up our monthly event, We didn’t have a name or any big concept beside the desire to have a night inspired by the sound we were feeling in Lisbon. The night had a tremendous impact and lead to people such as Diplo, Sinden and the singer M.I.A. It put us on the map.

Check Kuduro, this dance music genre created in Luanda in the early 90s when some kids decided to make house music. In the process of doing so they discovered something unique. Today we can say that Kuduro is culture manifested from the youth. At it’s core, it’s raw and intense, reflecting many aspects of the modern history of the Angolan society. We incorporated it in our music because we like the rhythm patterns and we find it fresh and unique. The world should get familiar with it.

DB: What influences do you have?

B: Our music influences span from D&B to classical Angolan music. Say: Roni Size, Pearl Jam and Beastie Boys.

DB: When I listen to you you I want to be out and doing things. Name some local food tips.

B: OK. In the morning go to Pastelaria Bénard, Rua Garrett 104 in Chiado. If you want to have your breakfast Lisbon style order one Galão (coffee with milk) and a toast we call it ‘Torrada’. Remember to ask for coffee from the machine (maquina) when ordering your Galão.

In the afternoon go to the top floor terrace at Bairro Alto Hotel at Praça Luis de Camões

Here you can fall in love with the city.

This place has one of the best views over the Tagus River and the 25 Abril Bridge. The reason we suggest you to visit this terrace at the end of the afternoon is to witness the sunset. The food is good and hotel expensive, but the view makes the experience worth it.
The hotel is located in one of our favorite areas, Bairro Alto. It gets busy at night.

In the evening visit the Buenos Aires Café, Calçada Escadinhas do Duque 31B, a very small Argentinean restaurant & has a few tables so we’lI suggest you to call earlier to book a table or you wait for a free table and sit outside drinking a glass of red wine overlooking the São Jorge castle on the opposite hill.

DB: Name a favourite song?

B: Today’s new favorite is A$AP Rocky ‘Purple Swag’.

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