Bungle interview

I caught up with Bungle who has just dropped a big release on Soul:R as well as recently completing a remix of Gerwin (on IM:LTD), I asked about his past…

B: I was raised in São Paulo Brazil, started learning flute at 7, moved to guitar, started composing & jamming some progressive rock & a bit of jazz for about ten years, when I got exposed to drum & bass. It’s been another ten years now running this drum & bass project.

DB: When did you link with Soul:R?

B: We linked up back in 2007 after I did the track ‘Good Times’, so it’s been quite a journey to get this release done.

This is what I always wanted to do with drum & bass, something raw but very musical, with the feel of a band, a certain level of improvisation and movement.

DB: Is there an album on the way from you?

B: Not right now, but should be on the plan soon!

DB: Could you name other tunes from your past that you are very proud of?

B: ‘Good Times’ & ‘The Need Of Being Alone’

DB: I note your Gerwin remix, but you have been remixed by people too, what’s one you like?

B: I love the remixes for ‘Siren’.

DB: What is your favourite club to play?

B: Can’t forget to mention Womb in Tokyo, but I enjoy each event equally, from key venues to the most unusual.


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