Bukem + Fabio @ Swerve

Sooooo late on my part but if you are physically capable then get down to Swerve immediately: the mighty LTJ Bukem joins forces with Fabio for what promises to be a Swerve classic, no doubt to be discussed in hushed tones for many days, months, years to come. ‘Why didn’t I go?’ they will weep, those who stayed home: sobbing openly in the street and on the phone to Samaritans.

Remember Speed at the Mars Bar, central London? This was the original article, the initial melding of styles many would hastily label ‘intelligent’ (simplistic fools), ‘jazzy’ (give me strength) and, in parts, the roots of Fabio’s ‘liquid funk’ (that one’s ok and perfectly legit), synonymous with Swerve, now going on for 15 amazing years. It was a very-much-live collusion of the likeminded, a friendly yet slightly competitive drawing of styles and spidery tracings of unfamiliar territory… analogue, sweaty and deeeeeep as it was, as much a tear-out as any session at the time, and certainly as those that sprang up in its wake (think, spots such as Ruffneck Ting right thru to Intrigue, just to name two).

But this is no nostalgia session: apart from Bukem’s particular science (flawless mix, selection and pure kinetic energy), Fabio will be prepared, armed to the teeth with exclusives from S.P.Y, Dub Phizix – all hail the Manchester assassin – Jubei, Shookz and too much that we just will not and cannot know. And as for Cable’s titanic PA? Hard to think of any spot more able to portray this music so phenomenally really.

(ps: was crazy)

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