Bring the Noisia!!!

For me Noisia are breathing new life (and have been doing so for a while now) into that hard ‘n’ dark Techstep/Neurofunk sound. Check it:

This tune by the Dutch D ‘n’ B boys is out there now on vinyl and digital formats, so go buy it. You knows you want to.

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  • Nice first post – welcome man! I’m going to have to step my drum and bass game up or you’ll ruin me!

  • Welcome – loving the first post 🙂

  • Zed-eX

    Cheers, fellas 🙂

    Let the DnB wars commence! 😉

  • Nerf

    You weren’t lying when you said hard.. so much energy to this track

  • Wuuuaaaah FUCKIN GREAT!
    This is pure filthy wickedness! I like!!!!

  • Sounds like drum and bass is back and in true form! Love it!