Boy 8-Bit – In New Music We Trust Mix

Boy 8-Bit has this to say about himself:

I am a young man who makes records on his computer.

I am resident and promoter at the night BODY CLAP at T-Bar / FABRIC.

I like making all sorts of music, I have a couple of other aliases – can you spot them??

My name comes from the fact I used to use an Amiga to make music. They used to use 8-Bit samples. I was young at the time.. Hence Boy 8-Bit. It has stuck ever since…

His current chart, via Myspace is:

1. Hot Chip Ready for the floor (Soulwax Dub)
2. Fake Blood – ”Fake Blood Theme’ / Mars’
3. Armand Van Helden – J’taime (Switch Mix)
4. Bumblebeez – ‘Rio’ (Crookers Remix BUM!)
5. Sinden and The Count – ‘Beeper’ (Fake Blood Remix)
6. Interpol – ‘The Heinrich Manouver’ (Phones Remix)
7. Fil OK – ‘Wink Wink’ (Touche and Original Mixes)
8. Kid Cudi – ‘Day and Night’ (Jokers of the Scene + Crookers Remixes)
9. Charlie Fanclub – ‘1987’
10. Azzido Da Bass – ‘Dooms Night’ (Crookers Remix)
11. Boy 8-Bit – ‘My Love For You Is A Flame That Never Dies’
12. Alter Ego – ‘Fuckingham Palace’
13. Don Rimini – ‘Let Me Back Up’ (Crookers Remix)
14. South Rakkas – ‘Mad Again’ (Boy 8-Bits St. Reatham Refix)
15. Once Waz Nice – Messin Around (Wideboys Remix)
16. Das Pop – Fool for Love (Sebastian Remix)
17. Full Mental Slackers – ‘Auto Riot’ (Claudio Montefiori Remix)

OLDER BUT GOLDER (Tunes I still reach for)

Feist – ‘ My moon my man ‘ (Boyz Noize Classic Remix)
Huntemann and Bodzin – ‘Rubin’
Oliver Huntemann – ’37 Grad’

21 Minutes To Know: Boy 8 Bit (zShare)

Boy 8-Bit – ‘The Suspense is Killing Me’
DJ Brrrapscallion – ‘ Get Get Down’ [Acapella]
Boy 8-Bit – ‘The Cricket Scores’
Claudio Montefiori – ‘My Love for you is a flame that never Dies’
Full Mental Slackers – ‘Auto Riot’ [Acapella]
Carlton L Bruce – ‘So Freakin’ Tight’ (Gutter Breaks Tool)
Boy 8-Bit – ‘Fog Bank’
Midfield General – ‘Disco Sirens’ [Boy 8-Bit Remix]
Lethal bizzle – ‘Myspace Girl’
HYbrid – ‘Higher than A Skyscraper’ [Boy 8-Bit Remix]
Huey ft T Pain – ‘Pop Lock and Drop it’ [Acapella]
Huey ft T Pain – ‘Pop Lock and Drop it’ [Carlton L Bruce Funky Drummer Mix]
Boy 8-Bit – ‘Bulbs Burn Out’

Originally taken from ‘In New DJs We Trust’ which is hosted by Kissy Sellout on Radio One!

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