Bobby O – I’m So Hot For You (Remix)

Bobby Orlando is a highly prolific music producer, songwriter, musician and record label impresario. During the 1980s he produced, composed and played on hundreds of music productions that he released under a myriad of record labels, including: “O” Records, Bobcat Records, Memo Records, Telefon Records, MenoVision Records, Beach Records, Plastic Records, Eurobeat Records, Obscure Records, Beat Box Records, Riovista Records, Intelligent Records, Basic Records, Knowledge Records and others. In the late ‘80s, at the peak of his success, the “one-man-band” suddenly and inexplicably halted his extensive production output.

Orlando is credited as one of the founding fathers of euro/pop dance music. His productions are easily identifiable by their dense synthesizers, rolling bass lines, and resounding percussion. Orlando tracks showcase him playing multiple instruments including keyboards, guitars, drums, percussion and saxophone. The ringing cowbell percussion lines and robotic sequencers heard in “She has a Way,” “The Best Part of Breakin’ Up,” “Desire,” and “Native Love (Step by Step),” define the electrifying sound he pioneered.

As a solo artist, Orlando scored hits with tracks “She Has a Way,” “A Man Like Me,” and “I’m So Hot for You.” He created his project concept, The Flirts, to further front his performances. With its ever revolving roster of female session singers and models, Orlando churned out international hits “Passion,” “JukeBox (Don’t put another Dime),” and “Helpless,” which featured Orlando as the sole musician. His legendary association with underground film star Divine resulted in classic club anthems “Native Love” (featuring Orlando’s voice in the chorus), “Love Reaction,” “Jungle Jezebel,” and “Shoot your Shot.” He also is famed for founding The Fast, later to be known as Man 2 Man.

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