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I spoke to Bluescreens, the electric French duo adding to what is an increasingly amazing year for Ram. They contribute to RAMsterdam & the embed is at end.

DB: How’d you meet?

B: We initially met around skateboarding ten years ago and quickly found that both of us were interested in turntablism, and Electronic music. We started producing D&B in the early 2000s, and joined our forces under ‘Bluescreens’ in 2009. We’ve been releasing a few EPs and singles on various labels since 2011.

DB: What is your history in D&B: what made you go ‘THIS is what I love!’

B: Someday a friend brought us a mix from Jumping Jack Frost featuring Skibadee, in which we heard tunes like ‘Sick Note’ from Ed Rush and Optical, ‘Snapshot’ from Roni Size…

… and a few other unforgettable anthems. Then we started digging about the techniques of mixing D&B, learning about DJs, labels… The Quest had started!

DB: And Ram? How did the hookup come about?

B: We’ve been in contact with Ray Rampage for a while now. Then in 2012 we played at a ‘CODE’ gig in Toulouse and Andy C was on the line up. We had time to hook up a few minutes and give him a USB. A few months later, we sent him an email with some updates of the tunes and we finally received a mail from Andy in person, saying that the tunes were sounding pretty cool and asking if we had plans for it. We went pretty crazy, because he’s been a huge inspiration for us, as many producers we guess! And Ram is a mythical Label,

Nightlife EP 2 ARTWORK.indd

DB: What is a tune of yours that particularly captures your vibe, for people new to you?

B: Hmmmm, probably the remix we did of MSDs tune ‘I Feel You’. This one matches every time!

DB: What is the D&B scene like near you? Some from France complain about certain restrictions there. Is it a difficult place for D&B?

B: Yes a little bit even if things have changed a lot these last few years. But when we started mixing, it was not possible to go in a club and propose a D&B gig, because French club owners were seeing Junglists in a bad way. Things are better now, even if some people a still ticklish about heavy basses. And not only in clubs but in the media too, placing a bit too much importance on trends.

DB: In general where would your dream show be? Could be Latvia, a desert, Las Vegas, you tell me!

B: Can you be a DJ in the 2010s and not dream about these huge festivals stages like EDC; Ultra; Tomorrowland; also that Arcadia stage that RAM took over this year?? Promoters are going higher and higher at the moment.

DB: Lastly what are five tunes you love right now in D&B?

Wilkinson ‘Heartbeat’ (Calyx & Teebee remix)
Camo & Krooked ‘WKND’
DC Breaks ‘Swag’
Dirtyphonics ‘No Stoppin’ Us’ (Smooth Remix)
Noisia & BSE ‘Feed the Machine’

01/ Shimon & Andy C – Quest
02/ June Miller – Change Feat. Sofie Letitre
03/ Wilkinson – Overdose VIP (Exclusive)
04/ Calyx & TeeBee – Nothing I Can Say
05/ Loadstar – Warrior
06/ Delta Heavy – Space Time
07/ Culture Shock – Zepplin
08/ Sub focus – Let The Story Begin
09/ Fresh – Signal
10/ Noisia – Deception
11/ DC Breaks – Shaman
12/ Mind Vortex – Arc VIP
13/ Rene LaVice – More Wore
14/ Hamilton – F**K It Up
15/ Bluescreens – Strike One (Part 1) (Exclusive)

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