blokhe4d interview

They play Fabric soon on the 8th with Andy, Loadstar, Doc Scott, Break and are killing it.


Damian Bennett: Are you keen to distance yourself from Bad Company now? Or are you proud of the association?

Vegas: I am not keen on distancing myself from my past. The scene has moved on and so have I. I loved the BC days and like looking back on them. They also gave me a lot of valuable insights. It was one hell of a ride as Bad Company.

So yes: I’m proud of what I did and the BC legacy. Who wouldn’t be? I am also proud of what I am doing now and very optimistic about our future as Blokhe4d.

DB: Tell me about the new lp and the sort of approach you had in mind. What sort of audience does your stuff have?

Uman: ‘Bad Taste 4‘ is a compilation of music from others and ourselves that we are into.

It would be flash to be able to say “well the goal was to” but there was no goal; it’s all based on vibes and feelings. We just got a bunch of tunes sent to us over a period of time and they were all exciting in different ways. So what happened was we had all these tracks from different people and then thought “you know what, I think its time to do BT4”. The music on the compilation is mainly for the dance floor. It’s energy-packed D&B but not to the point where it’s just noise. We both have a similar taste in music and that made the process pretty fluid.

It’s a style that in our eyes has gone missing a little. I guess you could compare it to a modern ‘Bad Company’ sound. It’s not one or the other. It’s between two poles. Nowadays D&B can come across as very niche. This is a good thing but also has it’s downsides as it creates different camps in the scene and people tend to defend their ‘style’. This defensive stance makes it harder for people to be open to everything. You used to go to a rave and hear all types of D&B in one set. That’s what we like most, and that’s also what we do in the studio. We don’t do one thing or the other. That would get boring real quick.

DB: What artists are you down with? You have a pretty murderous sound.

Vegas: Loving tunes from all over the spectrum. From Break to Aeph and from Royalston to Telekinesis. There’s a lot of good music around at the moment. Sometimes you just have to look a little harder. It’s a good time for the sound we like to play out! This is good for our sets and good for the label as well. There is also a soft side to Bad Taste. Look out for a beautiful tune from Loki and stuff from Australian producer Royalston.

We’re even working on a tune about sandwiches.

DB: I love them. Thanks.

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