Bloc 2012 – It wasn’t all a disaster.

Im sure that by now you have all read endless articles, facebook posts, twitter comments and blogs about our painful Bloc 2012 experience. Endless queuing, terrible organisation and a complete lack of control over the venue. Nevertheless, personally it was not all bad news. I arrived at the London Pleasure Gardens with my friends at around 5pm and it was all pretty breezy.

I did notice a very strange atmosphere as I walked in. I realised that I already had to start waiting in line just to get a beer. The boat was a total nightmare. An accident just waiting to happen. Even though all the terrible and unfortunate thread of events we were lucky enough to have caught Nicolas Jaar’s full set. Having to follow up the impeccable performance of Steve Reich – Jaar commented  ”that is simply impossible to follow”.

Finally what we came here for – a blissful sound that got everyone in the right mood. Jaar’s organic sounding beats shocked me as being extremely special in there own right. The tunes he played like ‘Etre’ and the now legendary ‘Space is only noise if you can see felt much more potent and most importantly sounded like there where being played by a group of tremendous musicians and not just a dj. I distinctly remember a jaw dropping gospel sample (first video – 3:10) that he mixed. If anyone knows that name of that track please leave a comment. For the 5 hours that we spent there the 50 minutes that Jaar was on stage were worth it – yes. Although I am still waiting for my full refund so please Bloc ‘grab a calculator and fix yourself’. Check out the two videos I scoped out from Jaar’s dreamy and ecstatic performance.

P.S – Bloc R.I.P.

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