Beggatron Remixed E.P. Part 1

“Following the widespread acclaim for 2009’s United Colours of Beggattron, that saw the video for ‘Contact’, reach 1. 000,000 views on YouTube and witnessed, ‘Prove It’, featuring Guilty Simpson reached No. 2 in the U.S. College Charts, Foreign Beggars have teamed up with a selection of the finest producers on the underground and world circuit for their latest release. Meshing a variety of styles and sounds, the Beggattron Remixes cross the boundaries of dubstep, grime, glitch and much, much more! Including, remixes of album favourite ‘Seven Figure Swagger’ by the mighty Plasticain, featuring bars from some of the UK’s finest MC’s including grime allstars Wretch 32 and Dot Rotten as well as a stunning original joint ‘Typhoon’ with Bristol Dubsteppers, Chasing Shadows. With the likes of Gothtrad, New Sex Friend, world scratch champion –DJ Troubl plus appearances from members of Taskforce, Stig and Dr Syntax, Kyza, Skandal and Graziella, Beggattron Remixed EP 1 is going to bang harder than the loudest drum!”

So because I’m like the most genorous and giving person (Erhhh Yeoh!) here is a track from their ‘Beggatron Remixed E.P. Part 1’. The rest you can buy here or here. Also if you didn’t purchase Foreign Beggars ‘The United Colours of Beggatron’ yet well buy it here like now, don’t sleep.
Foreign Beggars – Seven Figure Swagger (Plastician remix)

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