Bazil interview

I caught up with Bazil and spoke about his recent tune ‘Fractal’ for Faded, his work with Basher and more.

B: This track was written about two years ago. There were no expectations of what we were after, just something we were both happy with, everything was written very quickly, in two stages.

DB: How would you describe the unique vibe you bring in general to D&B?
B: My style is quite bass-driven with growls clean drums and a futuristic techy vibe, I like hard step drums, nothing too crazy. I like to go a bit mad with filters and distortion to capture a sound unique to me. I’m always working on music, keeps me sane and I like the focus and having an end product.

DB: You worked on this tune with Vibronix, could you tell me who Vibronix is? Who works on what? I really like those lovely ambient sweeps of sound.
B: Thanks, Vibronix is a friend from years back called Ed Patton, he has a mixture of influences with his acid techno live sets and also his drum and bass sets. I am more hands on with the production and Ed will help choose sounds and help to structure the track. His cooking along with constant tea making and rolling skills keeps the momentum flowing. Have done some long studio sessions with Ed.

DB: What’s the scene like near you?
B: I’m just an hour outside of London, the scene is good here and in Guildford. There’s a local radio station called Kane FM and many of the underground dance events are in connection with Kane, a good mixture of Hip Hop, House, reggae and monthly D&B nights. I also host a D&B show on Kane FM every 2nd and last sunday of the month, this is with Subterra and Lean.

DB: You also work with Basher?
B: Yes I have recently had some music signed to his Proximity Imprint, this was out on the 30th December, the tracks are ‘Isolate’ and ‘Singularity’. A few years ago I did an EP for Basher called Converge ep, and have always found him very good to work with: he gets music out quickly and the quality is always on point. Basher and Kit do a good job with the label. It’s been a pleasure to work with them and also in 2014 there will be more releases on their imprint.

DB: Could you talk us through the release via Faded, the Grey Winter ep?
B: This is no lie a killer EP, really represents what I love about D&B, especially the Kai & PnD track Unite, some really disturbing sounds, very techno, reminiscent of a Konflict ‘Beckoning’ sound and roll, simply done with gradually sweeping techno stabs, really cool tune. Also the Mono track ‘Truncate’ stands out as a favourite: pretty distorted on first listen but really draws you in, this gets better with every listen. The more hypnotic progressive track ‘Grey Winter’ by Twisted Facts, very clever work with the stabs, and a deep synth definitely bringing a moody element. Crisp percussion and tough beats. This EP showcases some new producers to me, and that is always exciting. Definitely some people to watch in 2014.

DB: How was 2013 and how do you see things progressing with D&B from now on into 2014?
B: Yes 2013 has been a good year, I was quite busy and the highlight being Annie Nightingale playing my remix of a Dreadzone track ‘Fire in the Dark’ on BBC Radio 1, also touring with the band Dreadzone as part of the Live act has been a lot of fun.

I keep getting inspired by a lot of the new music and the old classics. 2014 is going to be a very good healthy year for D&B with Critical, Dispatch all smashing it, holding down some of the best producers with a high output, new projects like Scar (Survival & Script) sound really exciting, looking forward to more Gridlok and Prolix. It’s all healthy and will always be a busy scene. Utopia music also keeps coming with exciting tunes.

DB: Who compels you, who are your heroes in the scene?
B: Heroes have to be Konflict, Gridlok, Bad Company and Ed Rush Optical and Dillinja. Those years were special to me and that period can never be touched. Break covers the present and future, I always look forward to Symmetry releases. Stealth has really upped his game so I respect how hard that guy must work. My music will always be inspired by the music I grew up with and the late 90s sound. Overall I’m still refining my music and trying to go with the ‘less is more’ theory, as some of my favourite tracks are very simple.

Image by Simon Partington
Bazil soundcloud

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