BassMe interview

On the eve of their strong new ep on BassMe I spoke to producers HardClip and I Wannabe from Kiev.

DB: Hi could I get some background on this release and how it came to be?

HardClip (aka Minikin): I can’t hold music to myself for a long time. I have this fierce desire to share it with others. It turned out quite quick and fortunate with this release: I had a 4×4 track with trumpets and basses, and I Wannabe had a similar approach, so we decided to make an EP together.

I Wannabe: Unlike Hard Clip’s track ‘There’ came a long way from results of genres mixing experiments to the result with which I’m happy and proud. So here it is.

DB: Where are you based?

HardClip: I come from a small town in Central Ukraine. For the past 8 years I’ve lived in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

I Wannabe: I’m a native Kiev citizen and lived here all my life.

DB: What influences have you? I hear some interesting ones but it’s unique, your sound.

HardClip: My creative career started with techno over 10 years ago. I was a great fan of Tresor Berlin label, admired Brighton-Techno. In 2005 I’ve discovered dubstep. At that time stores didn’t even have such style/titles… I searched for Distance, Skream records.

I could talk about it forever, but to cut it short, I can say I was influenced by Richard D James, Surgeon, Skream, Metthew Herbert.

DB: What sort of releases have you in the pipeline?

HardClip: Our label is not limited to a strict concept, in the 21st century it is more reasonable to take interest in different electronic music genres. Therefore we’ll release various pieces starting with hard tracks with aggressive bass-line to romantic disco funk. Soon the world will see a new EP with two techno tracks from Minikin, followed by releases from HardClip, I Wannabe and Mnkn. I want to add that we are always open to new discoveries, so you can send your cool tracks to info ‘at’

I Wannabe: I have some D&B releases that are going to be released in next couple of months and a one techno release that I’m currently working on. Also I’ve been asked to remix a couple of tracks. So I have a pretty busy schedule for nearest half of the year.

DB: Where can we hear this being played out in a set?

HardClip: In podcasts, very soon. It’s a difficult situation with gigs now in Ukraine – the electronic stage is sleepy. We usually play spontaneously, so follow us online.

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