Bar9 interview

Bar9 Press Shot 1

As the deftly entitled Dubstep Monsters drops I caught up with Bar9 who mixed it all, check promo mix at end

DB: Hey can I ask how the 2013 has been for you in the music, your involvement?

B9: Well this has been a busy year. We’ve spent a lot of time in the studio! After finishing off the Dubstep Monsters mix CD we have done a couple of remixes, loads of fresh tunes and at the mo we are just finishing off our next EP due out in November!

DB: Dubstep Monsters looks like it was fun to be involved in & always happy to see the ‘Squid Attack’! Makes me weirdly nostalgic for a simple few years back too… weird huh? What’s your take?

B9: It was a really good project for us to undertake and does not so much represent a history of Dubstep, but more the influence both Z Audio and Audio Phreaks have had on the scene.

It was actually really interesting going back to some older tunes, just to see how production and style has moved on. There are some really good tunes in this mix and they represent the underground sound of Dubstep well.

DB: Where are some strongholds for Dubstep?

B9: Russia rocks! You can always expect a seriously good show and some crazy adventures. The US is really cool and they definitely put on a good party. London is of course the home of Dubstep so you can always expect a good show there.

: What’s plans for you, live-wise?

: Well, we’re all over Europe all the time and also back off to the states in November. The best way to track us down is by checking our page at

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