Bachelors Of Science – Science Fiction LP

Bachelors Of Science

By some amazing fluke I’ve been able to grab a listen to the Science Fiction LP from the San-Fran-based drum and bass duo Bachelors Of Science. It’s a complete rippa! Liquid beats with some creative sampling and wicked ruff basslines – great to hear this stuff coming out of the States… Keep the drum and bass growing worldwide!

Check out the track I’ve posted here, then head on over to the Bachelors of Science MySpace for more mp3, pick up the limited edition LP from Horizons Music and then come back y’all for more sickness… I’ve got much more for you in my record box!

Science Fiction LP:

  1. people together
  2. sugar
  3. song for lovers
  4. strings track
  5. sweat
  6. ice dance – download from zShare

Liquidy and all flowy is one of the ways I love to take my D&B – this last track is a great closing track and is the most chilled of the LP.

Peace out.

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