Authentic Music: Squares 1 and 2

1-square one EP cover

1-square two EP cover

Authentic Music are soon to drop two short compilations: Square One and Square Two. The label itself explained thus and there’s some selections at the end plus respective details:

‘There are several reasons for this release. We’ve been awfully quiet this year, and I want to build up a little bit of hype for our upcoming album Art of Deception. So it’s a reminder that we’re alive, and that we still have some serious tunage to offer.

It’s a looking back compilation of sorts but we decided to split it into two EPs.
Square One, and Square Two are selections of our most successful tracks from the first release up to current day. Some of the older tunes were overlooked because we didn’t have a big support at the time, and I strongly believe that they stood the test of time well.

The selection also ties into the next compilation where you’ll find a couple of these tracks in remixed or VIP versions.

The next LP is a celebration of four years of existence of Authentic Music, and was carefully designed as such.’

Square One
a. Arp XP ‘Five Black Forms’ (Hybris remix)
b. A-Cray ‘Untitled Hybrid Tune’
c. Bone ‘Dark Eyes’
d. Peejay & Panorama ‘Sanctuary’

Released January 4, 2016

Square Two
1. A­Cray ‘You Don’t’
2. Ower ‘Research’
3. Definate ‘Towards the Dawn’
4. Hemoglobin ‘Ketones Under Control’

Released January 18, 2016 as Juno exclusive, 25th of Jan as worldwide release.

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