Autechre Live on Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental + BONUS – The 12 Hour Webcast on BBC Radio by Autechre


Oh, how I wish i’d gone on Tuesday night. Listening to this…I think it would’ve ruined me, but – I’d have Wednesday to at least recover. This is 30 minutes of pure pleasure, extracting sounds from everything like Tangerine Dream, through to Eric B and Rakim. Cut and spliced as perfectly as you’d expect from these boys – Autechre

Autechre Live on Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental (Yousendit)


1 Eon Fear the mind killer [altered mix]

2 Keith Leblanc Here’s looking at you

3 Eric B & Rakim Chinese arithmetic

4 The Hypnotist Pioneers of the warped groove

5 The Party Boy aka BamBam The twilight zone

6 The Formula Exploded [original mix]

7 Davy DMX One for the treble

8 Autechre Drane

9 The B-Boys 2 3 break

10 The B-Boys Girls [instrumental]

11 2 Live Crew Throw the d [Original 12″ Dub Instrumental]

12 Break The Limits E-yeah

13 Eric B & Rakim Lyrics of fury

14 Autechre Piezo

15 Defcon 1 Altitude [remix]

16 Eric B & Rakim Extended beat

17 Adamski Tekno krisna

18 Robert Hood Internal empire

19 Deasy Bombay systems

20 Rhythm Device Acid rock

21 Tangerine Dream Supernatural accomplice [“The Keep”

Motion Picture Soundtrack]

22 Broken Glass Style of the street

23 Xon Dissonance

24 Bernard Herrmann Main Theme [“Taxi Driver” Motion Picture


25 Hi-tek & Talib Kweli Love Speakeasy

26 Minimal Man Outside the window [Ian’s remix]

27 3D Giddy up

28 Mantronix Listen to the bass of get stupid fresh part II

29 Busta Rhymes Put your hands where my eyes can see

30 Earth People Dance [club mix]

31 Phuture Pfantasy Club Spank spank

32 Psycho Tribes Pure ideas

33 Polygon Window UT1-dot

34 Reese & Santonio Grab the beat

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