ASC interview

DB: I wanted to get a little metaphysical on your ass: if your album ‘Out Of Sync’ is a city, what would we see if we walked in there? What would it resemble, what time of day is it and is it a dangerous or safe place? Are there people there?

ASC: Something very futuristic, rebuilt after a near-apocalyptic event, lots of technological advances in plain sight. It’s not a dangerous place, but not a safe place either. It would rain often and the city’s neon lights would reflect in the puddles on the streets. There are a lot of people there too.

DB: How did this album assemble over time?

ASC: It came together over the majority of 2011 after I thought it was time to put together a new LP around the 170 tempo. I’m often inspired by sci-fi, espionage movies, futuristic video games, the usual cliches that many would attach to my music – they’re all true I’m afraid.

DB: So is it a development from the last album or simply a case of ‘more music from you’? I sort of get wary of people saying the new album’s a ‘better’ album than the last one as that infers that the previous work is pretty shit now. You?

ASC: I’d in no way say it’s better, as like you say, this undermines the work that went before this. I’d say it’s a continuation of a theme: expanding upon ideals from where [previous album] ‘Nothing Is Certain’ left off and taking it in another direction.

It’s not the same, but it has it’s similarities.

DB: Where do you live?

ASC: Del Mar, which is about 20 mins North of San Diego, USA.

DB: Do you play live and where? Where would you like to play?

ASC: I used to, but I haven’t for a while. I decided to slow things down and not tour every year as I was doing since I moved to the USA back in 2004. I’m slowly getting back into it again, but I still don’t know if I’d do extensive tours again. In all honesty, I much prefer to create. If I have to choose anywhere though, it would be Japan. The culture, the hospitality, the clubs, everything. I’d love to move to Tokyo some day.

DB: Tell me 5 music inspirations, any.

Blade Runner (Movie & OST)
Super Metroid (Video Game)
Ghost In The Shell (Anime)
Old obscure synths that people don’t know much about
The advancement of technology in general

DB: What’s an album session at which you’d love to have been a fly on wall?

ASC: FSOL ‘Lifeforms’. A defining moment for electronic music as far as I’m concerned. For me personally, anyway.

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