Artificial Intelligence interview

Artificial Intelligence (AKA Glenn and Gambit AKA AI) have been going for the best part of the last decade, known for their incredible scope and massively-refined linear BASS. There’s never been anyone like them, perhaps hence the album title. Recent memories of ‘Days Of Rage’ blowing apart The End remain strong…

Now we have their long-awaited ‘Stand Alone’ album, on V. Hunt it down. Would it be a collection of their Big Tunes or something else entirely?

Glenn spoke to us.

Damian Bennett: It’s a strong, militant cover and title for ‘Stand Alone’. Tell me about this and what message were you guys trying to put across? Sounds defiant. Is it?

Glenn: The title has resembles various things to us. Most relevantly we have always been more of an outsider with our style and production, which is quite individual. For this reason we have never been part of a camp or a group.

DB: It’s been a long wait for this album but well worth it. What would have been the difference between the album had it been released, say 2 years back? Would it have been very different?

G: I don’t think we quite knew we what we were getting into ourselves at the start of the project. The whole process has been an extremely long journey due to various reasons. Firstly we use a fully-outboard studio set up. A large number of keyboards, synths, samplers, effect units, compressors. Analogue 32 track mixing desk. Everything takes so much longer. There is no pulling up mixes etc. We are always starting from scratch each session. Also we will never continue with an idea unless it’s something which we both fully stand by. We will keep going till we’ve hit that vibe that grabs us. Also since this is our debut album, we didn’t want to put a time limit on it and force things to happen.

DB: How was the album done? Did it ‘grow’ with the input of people like dBridge, Krust and Steo? I suppose I mean that as time went on and these people got involved that the identity of the album morphed. Is that true? The Krust track may shock some people as so abstract (but killer).

G: The album seemed to naturally take shape. Rather than a collection of tracks, we wanted the whole experience of listening to the album being more of a journey through styles, emotions. That’s why we’d to put a lot of thought into the whole process. The guests definitely inspired us. The sessions with Krust were really interesting. We are both big fans of his works and we naturally got on really well over the last years. We spent the earlier sessions just chatting and even watching a film, ‘La Haine’ (which we sampled in the track). Krust also brought his insane sampler/keyboard machine which we used to create a lot of sounds and also reprocess some of our breaks we had ready for the track.

DB: Incredible. You know, some fans may be looking for certain AI killers such as ‘Movin On’, ‘Uprising’, ‘Desperado’, ‘Bloodlines’ which are not on the album. Two things about this: did you NOT want to make it a ‘Greatest Hits’? What was your intention for the overall vibe of the album, as such?

G: It’s a debut artist album. We definitely didn’t see a point in making it a greatest hits compilation. All the tracks on there captured a moment and were made throughout the same period of time whilst putting the album together. However we would love to be in a place where we can one day put together a greatest hits album in the future.

DB: Your music is very visual, cinematic, widescreen and emotional, and speaking to Time Out once you said that you could imagine doing soundtracks (I think the example was for ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’!) So are you doing any video/promo clips for this album?

G: Many producers and people buying our music often pick up on the strong cinematic and emotional feel. Video is definitely something we intend  to push going forward…

DB: Glenn I know you love hip hop, what sort of stuff are you into? Personally I think there’s some killer stuff about, particularly from Tyler and his crazy ‘oddfuture’ crew in LA.

G: I love this stuff, a lot of the old boys are playing back in town at the moment. Looking forward to KRS1 at Jazz Cafe, Redman & Method/Pete Rock, CL Smooth at the Forum and Public Enemy at the o2.

DB: The album is here, what now, what are your plans for promoting it?

G: We have a packed world tour lined up to promote the album. There will also be a final EP next Feb/March which will be the final part of the ‘Stand Alone’ project. This will consist of some new tracks and remixes. We have already just finished a rework of ‘Days Of Rage’ which we feel as taken the original to the next level.

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  • Bloodlines is a definite killer track! Big up AI for the interview – nice one Damian!

  • I realy like theses guys sound

  • I realy like theses guys sound