Arclight interview

DB: Hi there’s a real passion in the creation of this music, the breaks, edits. So how would you describe it?

A: I do like intricate drums and I think that will play more of a role in my future music, but I’d say dangerous sounding bass and resonant deep soundscapes are what really excite me, so I tend to lean on that style.

DB: So what influences do you have?

A: I have a lot of friends here in Bristol who all make music so I’d say they cast a big influence. Some real interesting cats, working more on the experimental tip with found-sound and weird textures, around the 115bpm mark.

Outside of D&B: Bon Iver, Hybrid, Phaelah, Nitin Sawhney, Trifonic to name a few. I think the composer Hans Zimmer has been a huge influence on me too, so many of the films he’s done are in my top 10 movie list. Within D&B, Ed Rush, Hybris, Noisia, Gridlok, Lenzman to name just tiny amount!

Also the film Prometheus has sent me reeling with inspiration, just found it so hard not to be visualising that beautiful landscape when writing music lately.

DB: So with D&B what caught you about the sound?

A: The first D&B I really heard was ‘New Forms’ when I was about 16. At the time, never could have expected to be living in Bristol, but that stuck with me. Remember hearing this music and thinking how chilled it was, imagining everyone out clubbing must be really mellow. Until that point I’d not experienced the bass heavy rave environment! Then the early Ram stuff… ‘China Town’ sticks out in my mind. Went out to a few nights had MY MIND BLOWN. It’s been a relentless obsession since then.

DB: So you came to release material… what advice would you give for people wanting to get into production?

A: Release-wise you tend to find many doors open all at the same time, and where once nobody was even getting back to you, suddenly people like your stuff.

It’s quite surreal. My conclusion is, maybe 1% of producers actually are overnight hits, 99% of the time it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of your time. If you put a lot of hours in, it pays off and my advice to anybody looking to get music released, is just put in serious hours! I think the release on Renegade Hardware last year really helped me out. Gotta big up Loxy for picking that one up and then Ink for all his support. Top guys.

DB: When do you produce? Night? Day?

A: I’m a big time big time Night Owl, always have been. Something about the night makes more sense for the sort of music I go for. Night time shuts down the other senses, no phone ringing, just you left alone… you and your ideas. Many times I’m leaving the studio at 8am when everyone’s going to work! Buying some breakfast in Tesco as the suits get their lunch for the day.

DB: You mention hitting nights and getting your mind blown, where was this likely to happen?

A: It has to be where I started my raving career: Truro. The last night of every month a fairly backwater club was turned into a D&B institution called ‘Rehab’ & over the years all the massive names came down to play. Seeing Bad Company in their prime, Andy C, Hype, Swift etc etc all delivering to a 250 capacity club. Amazing vibes! Gotta big up Jon Devinyl and the whole Rehab crew for those years. Also Legends of the Dark Black Raves at Dance Academy in Plymouth. ONLY those that were there know about that surreal place! Mental times.

DB: What are some tunes about doing the business for you?

A: OK, in no order I’d say
Audio ‘Fall Back’ feat. Stapleton

C4C ‘Scatterbrain’ (Hybris Remix)
Camo & Krooked ‘Cryptkeeper’ (Mind Vortex Remix)
Curfew ‘Asylum’
Calyx & Teebee ‘Perspectives’
Alex Clare ‘Treading Water’ (Lenzman Remix)

DB: Thanks, awesome.

Arclight releases ‘Pluroform/Surgikal’ on AutomAte Tech early Nov

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