Annix interview


Annix is Decimal Bass and Konichi. I briefly spoke to them about the new Playaz material entitled Inception. I asked them about the moniker…

A: It’s an easier way of saying it if you like.

DB: About the Inception album, my fave tunes are ‘Field of Vibrations’, ‘XTC’, ‘Machine & Key’, ‘Without You’ and ‘Only One’ What about you?

A: If I had to pick one probably ‘Dronezone’ as it still goes off just as much as when I made it back in 2012.

DB: Any extra artillery live for this material?

A: We’re normally on the road by ourselves, we have just brought Unknown MC into the Annix show so I guess we will be seeing a lot of him!

Annix by Chelone Wolf (High Res)-1

DB: What other D&B are you into right now?

A: The new Sub focus album is really good!

Inception is out on the 14th Oct from Playaz

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