ANiMAL video and interview

DB: What’s better for you, a big or small venue?

A: Small venue with the whole band. Everyone tastes everyone’s sweat and we become a unified violent body for an hour. It’s totally live. Guitars, drums and tons of bass synth. Shit gets smashed.

DB: If you had unlimited budget what sort of stage show would you do?

A: Early Guns N’ Roses arena set. Loads of ramps to run about on and more rock and roll lighting than lasers. And a million pound drop during the encore but stain the money with pigs blood.

DB: What sort of stuff do you love listening to?

McMash Clan
The Prodigy

DB: Are there aspects of music you’d like to shake up as such?

A: I want lyrics to become relevant. People dribble and scribble whatever rhymes to make a pound note. People pretend to be deep to get chicks to suck their dicks. I’m interested in exploring putting across strong messages by saying very little. Making ourselves heard with vocal sound bites. Like you don’t need to listen to three verses and a bridge to understand the story. I don’t want to be any part of any fucking scene. Just wanna do our own shit and be independent of everything. Manufacture it all ourselves.

DB: So how do genres apply to you?

A: I got no idea. We do what we do and have a good time. We come from the raves and rave culture. We have a couldn’t give a fuck attitude cause if you cared then you’d be fucked in this world we live in.

DB: How long have you been in existence?

A: We have been ANiMAL since about halfway through 2012. Thereabouts. I can barely remember to pay my bills so remembering exactly how long we have been together is tough. But just over half a year or something close.

We listen to a lot of music and it all comes from the heart. Sometimes from dark places and sometimes from warm places. Everyone always says there are no rules but then they make music to conform to rules.

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