AFK interview

I caught up with AFK about his recent Killionaire ep on Firepower and asked about influences…

AFK: My influences range across a broad spectrum, all the way from Rusko to whiskey. My key musical influences are long gone by the time I get into the actual tracks. I try to make it as original as I can while still sticking true to the sound I love and want to hear.

DB: The tunes differ in many ways, they show that your mind is working on many levels. Is that fair to say?

AFK: That is fair to say. I have so many ideas and styles of music that I want to create but in the end I am left with only the ones I would play on the dancefloor. ‘Pinkman’ is probably my favorite track from the EP. While watching the most recent season of Breaking Bad with my fiancé there is this moment: “It’s all about the weight, yo”… I instantly knew I had to sample that. The track almost made itself.

The “yoy” sound is hands down my favorite sound in EDM and I just went wild with it, adding in sparse high pitch mini melodies and ended up with the final track.

DB: The Firepower crew is legendary, I love them. What’s it like being part of that?

AFK: Ha ha I absolutely love my Firepower fam… the FP tour was something I will never forget in my entire life. I look forward to touring more and killing more dancefloors

DB: What is happening in 2013?

AFK: I’ve got several remixes, collabs and originals in store for 2013. Lots of show dates, hopefully more! I love playing out…. also a full length collab LP w/ Spenca.


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