601 ‘We Do Bass’ interview

I caught up with the 601 as We Do Bass drops and spoke about their background. Mega embed at end.

: We’ve been making music together for over 20 years, right back from high school. We’ve released tracks on labels such as Passenger, Sub Slayers, Ape, Rub a Duck, Noodles, Sound of Habib, Westway as well as tons of others! We will play anywhere and everywhere, in the past year we’ve been over to Spain and all over the UK.

DB: How long back does the Ragga Twins connection go, and how did this hookup come about?
601: When we signed to Passenger, one of the things we wanted to do was collaborations with the labels regular vocalists, Ragga Twins were top of the list as we are old school as it comes and we’ve loved the tunes they have done with Aquasky. When the opportunity to do the album came up, Brent hooked it up for us!

DB: & how was it to work with Aquasky? What shared experience, vibe and expertise came into the proceedings?
601: Aquasky run a tight ship, and have been invaluable with support. Without their contacts and rep, we wouldn’t have got half as many vocalists on board. Vocal tracks were a bit of uncharted territory for us, but they were there with advice and feedback the whole way.

DB: About the 90s. What does the music of the past have to show us NOW?
601: It’s all about the energy of those early rave records, along with the punk attitude of making tunes in your bedroom! The early rave sounds still sound like the f*cking future today.

DB: What’s a tune here you’d talk us thru in terms of inception, any stories?
601: ‘Pixilate’ was the first thing we wrote for the album, it came off the back of a period of doing a load of remixes, where we tried to push our sound further. We set out to bring our future jungle style towards a more current sound, taking more influence from modern drum and bass and dubstep, without totally throwing out the junglist vibe! The tune set the tone for the rest of the album, contemporary sounds with the best production we could do.

DB: Shouts?
601: Shouts to Aquasky of course, along with all the vocalists , Ragga Twins & RTC, Madrush MC, Frilla and Roisin Brophy. Mad love to everyone who has shown support in the scene, Especially Jay Cunning, Terry Hooligan, Ben & Lex, Vinyl Junkie and all the 140 bloggers!


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