131 Northside ‘Digital Memories’


131 Northside from Edinburgh are KingWavey & WTKAKACB and sing about love, lust, drugs and pain and the music is filled with their love/hate relationship with the city. They have a listening party on March 26 at the Rag & Bone Barber Shop 103 Dundas Street, Edinburgh from 7-9pm.

The new release is Digital Memories, check it all below.

I love the beauty in the music, the hazy sleep deprived feel, so when do you guys produce?

We actually try to record music as soon as we create/receive a beat as to keep the vibe of it exactly the same as the feel we get of it from a first listen, almost subconscious driven by emotions.

What music do you check?

We listen to a lot of new age rap/r&b mostly from Toronto, London, Amsterdam and Japan.

NAKED from luckyme, Travis Scott, Sad Boys/Gravity Boys, GAIKA, Jimmy Prime, The Bastards (Amsterdam), Shlohmo, lil boat…

How can people check you out?

We are playing our next headline show at Sneaky Pete’s on the 17th of April. Our personal instagrams, twitters are: @kingwavey131 @wtkakacb131

Digital Memories

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